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変わらないもの 、変わりゆくもの 。 それを守り続けたい 。



Things change, somethings never change...

We hope to protect both.

There are things that are indispensable for good Kimono making such as, traditional material like Japanese fabric and silk thread, techniques like “dying”, “weaving”, and “embroidery”, and of course the people who bring those together by crafting and designing. We belive, that it is our mission to protect such tradition. Our challenge started 20 years ago by utilizing tradition and modern concept. Part of our ambition was recognized and spread worldwide with support from Metropolitan Museum in N.Y. and VOGUE magazine in Paris. But we express that our mission is not even close to the completion. SCOPE COCO hereby declare that we will succeed to our ambition to prptect Japanese Kimono tradition. But at the same time, we will keep trying to introduce the up-to- date products that adopt to the contemporary Japanese lifestyle by stepping into not only Kimono but different industries such as fashion and interior.